NMP-Free Sport Kote®

Water-Based Urethane Wood Finish

Product Number: 00215SF

Full-matrix self cross-linking technology makes this ultra-rapid curing finish highly durable. There’s no sanding, catalyst or messy glues. Because it’s a single-component finish, you just pour and go. You can play on it the next day and it’s good for a year with proper maintenance. 500 million square feet of wood floor finished with Sport Kote says it all!

NMP-Free Sport Kote is part of the Sport Kote System.

NMP-Free Sport Kote Product Sheet

NMP-Free Sport Kote SDS

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Features – NMP-Free Sport Kote – 00215SF

  • No sanding or screening
  • Single-component – pour and apply
  • No pot life
  • Adheres to any sound gym floor coating
  • Fast-drying – 60 minutes under normal conditions
  • Play on it the next day
  • Easily restored to like-new gloss
  • Self cross-linking eliminates need for catalysts, gluing or heavy metals
  • MFMA-approved and UL-classified
  • VOC-compliant in all 50 states
  • Finish lasts for 1 year with proper maintenance

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Directions – NMP-Free Sport Kote – 00215SF

General Directions**

  1. PREPARE FLOOR: NOTE: This finish is not designed for application to bare wood floors. Use only on previously sealed surfaces. Use only after proper training.
    SCRUB AND RECOAT: Dust mop floor and remove all chewing gum and labels. Prepare floor with Sport Prep (00425SF), following the label directions.
    NOTE: Test previously coated floor in an inconspicuous area before recoating to determine compatibility with existing finish. Apply no more than 2 coats in 24 hours and a maximum of 3 coats in 48 hours. See finish application instructions below.
  2. APPLY FINISH: Stir gently before using. Apply at a rate of 800-1000 square feet per gallon. Use a weighted T-bar with a clean, synthetic pad. Apply thin, even coats with the grain of the wood while walking at a slow, even pace. Walking too fast may produce excessive bubbling in the finish. Allow a dry time of at least 1 hour between coats. Humid conditions require longer dry time. After the first coat has dried, apply a second coat. It may be necessary to screen the first coat if grain raising has occurred or it has dried longer than 4 hours. If so, screen the floor with a previously used 120 grit screen or maroon pad. Always vacuum and tack thoroughly after screening.
    NOTE: Check expiration date. Contact Essential for batch re-certification if expiration date is exceeded. Do not pour unused finish back into original container.
  3. MAINTAIN DAILY: Dust mop at least daily, or more as required, to keep floor dust and dirt free. Damp mop spills, salt residue, etc. with Sport Clean (01143SF) and a thoroughly wrung mop.
  4. MAINTAIN WEEKLY: If soil conditions are heavy, auto-scrub weekly with red pads and a 2 ounce per gallon dilution of Sport Clean (01143SF). Refer to the Wood Floor Care Wall Chart or Manual for further details.
    CAUTION: Do not use cleaning compounds other than Essential’s Sport Clean (01143SF) as they will reduce product performance and longevity.
  5. RESTORATION: Dust mop floor. Follow restoration directions for Sport Prep (00425SF).

** See label directions and MSDS for complete usage and safety instructions.

Properties – NMP-Free Sport Kote – 00215SF

  • Type – Self Cross-Linking Urethane/Acrylic Blend
  • Form – Opaque Liquid
  • Odor – Bland
  • Color – Light Peach
  • Weight per Gallon – 8.70 Lbs.
  • pH – 7.5 – 8.5
  • Floor Solids – 29%
  • Storage Stability – Up To 1 Year, Unopened
  • Freeze/Thaw – Passes 3 Cycles
  • V.O.C. – <273 gm/l

* Properties are typical and subject to usual manufacturing tolerances.

Packaging – NMP-Free Sport Kote – 00215SF

5 Gallon Pail:
UPC Code: 783366215058
Pack Size (in.): 12 x 14
Cube (ft.): 1.17
Pack Wt. (lbs.): 46.08
Full Pallet: 36