Our Promise

The Sport Kote Promise

promise-iconsUsing the Sport Kote System, it takes 2 people just 5 hours to apply 2 coats of Sport Kote to an entire gym floor. You can play on it the next day and it lasts for a year with proper maintenance. That’s the Sport Kote Promise. You’ll enjoy the durability and performance of a traditional OMU but you’ll save a ton of time and money. You can even repair this finish, something traditional OMU’s can’t offer.

How does this system deliver these results? Innovation. We invented a brand new polymer technology for the Sport Kote finish that never existed before. This technology uses two types of specialized active sites: one promotes ultra-rapid, permanent cross-linking throughout the finish matrix, while the other chemically “bolts” the finish to the floor. Because we invented the technology, we were able to create a customized system which supports and enhances the efficacy of the Sport Kote finish.

Performance through innovation makes the Sport Kote Promise possible.