Play on it the Next Day

24 Hours Prep to PlaySport Kote uses powerful chemical magnets (called active sites) for cross-linking and adhesion so it doesn’t need oxygen to cure like a traditional OMU or water-borne OMU.

Because traditional OMU’s and water-borne OMU’s require oxygen to cross-link, they cure from top (where there’s oxygen from the air) to bottom (where oxygen has to seep down before cross-linking can occur). You may have noticed the “skin” that forms on an uncured OMU gym floor. That’s because not enough oxygen has penetrated the “skin” to cure the finish at the bottom. This process slows as time passes. Think of it as the finish at the bottom trying to breathe through a plastic bag.

Because Sport Kote’s active sites don’t require oxygen to react, cross-linking occurs quickly and simultaneously throughout the finish – not top to bottom over several days – like a traditional OMU. These reactions happen so quickly that the floor is dry and ready for play the next day.