Butterfield Park District

“Last April Pat Kullman hosted a gym floor refinishing seminar at the Butterfield Park District. The purpose of this seminar was to demonstrate how easy it is to apply the Sport Kote product. Prior to the seminar Pat asked us to contact people we know in the area who may be interested. Local park and school districts were contacted. Several of them sent representatives ranging from superintendents to maintenance staff.

Pat gave a very nice presentation of Essential Industries and the products manufactured. He emphasized the ease of application, low cost, and durability of the finish. A lot of questions were asked and answered. Pat was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable on the topic of floor finishes. This is not an exciting subject but Pat managed to keep it lively, entertaining and informative.

After the presentation we went into the gym. Pat had asked us to clean the floor with a neutral cleaner prior to the seminar to save time. He showed us how to prepare the floor and we were actually able to help apply the Spot Kote finish. Everyone was impressed with how easy it was using the T-Bar system to get an even coat on the floor.

Pat had been here about 2 years earlier to demonstrate your system of floor finishing. Because of that visit we were able to demonstrate the longevity of the Sport Kote finish under actual multipurpose gym usage. Our gym is used by day camp kids, basketball leagues, soccer leagues, dance lessons, breakfast programs, etc. Our floor is not babied. The participants had the opportunity to see our floor after 2+ years of usage and how well it held up. They then saw how great it looked after refinishing.

I think it was an awesome product demonstration because it was under real conditions which we all experience and have to deal with daily. Pat was very easy to work with, extremely knowledgeable and a charismatic speaker. We look forward to working with him in the future and helping promote Essential Industries.”

Don Nuenthel, Manager of Parks and Facilities
Butterfield Park District – Lombard, IL

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