The Janton Company

“I want to thank you and Essential again for putting together the Sport Kote Seminar at Hilliard Schools. Not only did the floors look beautiful when your product was first applied, [but] it continues to be a high profile and beautiful floor.

I also have to commend you and the Essential experts that you brought in. I was a News Service representative for a worldwide organization for a few years. Your Sport Kote Seminar from Essential reminded me of news crews I have worked with. They were highly professional. They knew exactly what they wanted to do, and went about it in a very precise and organized way, and still took the time to patiently teach, instruct and encourage those in attendance, regardless of their skill level.

We had one of our new distributor reps bring a customer to the seminar. This customer was not comfortable with our new rep. In fact he was a very contrary and negative person in general. This man was so impressed that the seminar helped strengthen the relationship between him and our rep. Beyond that, we were able to win more business from him as a result of your Sport Kote Seminar.

One more thing I have to add. Essential and you have been most generous in sharing both products and product knowledge with us. You are always available and to be perfectly honest, we often see you in spite of travel distance, more than some manufacturer reps that live close to us. You have been tireless in your efforts to help us and I look forward to the next Essential Sport Kote Seminar.”

John Tewell, Director of Sales
The Janton Company – Columbus, OH

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